A full-service location independent business aimed at helping brands reach their full potential and maximise their online reach.

Website Design & Front-End Development

Instagram Growth Strategy

Social Media Management

Let me introduce myself

Entrepreneur | World Traveller | Loud-mouth

Im Chelsea, a modern day millennial guiding forward-thinking businesses through the evolving digital world.

You can find me collecting memories, creating content, coding websites and collaborating with brands looking to takeĀ theirĀ online presence to the next level.

As a multi-faceted curator and creator I specialise in websites, social media and digital content campaigns to help you drive sales and expand your online reach.


Website Developer

Producing high quality websites, blog pages & e-commerce storefronts to reach your customers. The perfect combination of layout design and developer knowledge creating beautiful, responsive sites that work across diverse devices.

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Instagram Growth Strategist

Wondering why your competitors have more followers then you on social media?
Are you missing out on customers?
An instagram growth strategy campagain could revolutionize your business!

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Social Media Management

Overseeing all aspects of your social media accounts including marketing campagins, day-to-day activities & organic engagement.
Showcasing products and creating unique content to set your websites and social media outlets apart.

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