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Helping entrepreneurs build their freedom lifestyle with a high-converting online presence for their business.

Traveller By Trade

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organic digital strategy

Your friendly neighbourhood tattooed website nerd always chatting about her new favourite client, the next adventure she's planning or what maintenance she's had to do on her van, Vanny Devito.

I built my business an online presence that can travel to world and move mountains with me, and now I help others do the same.

I'm Chels

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Traveller By Trade

ShowIt, Squarespace, Shopify, or custom coded build options,  ensuring that you have the right fit for your business 

Based in Western Australia,  with a portfolio of clients in 6 countries across 4 different continents

Small studio that thinks big & supports all. With a range of options for everyone from small start-ups to scaling businesses

Design, development, and organic digital strategy all in one studio, with a team that can make it happen

Chelsea was absolutely what our small business website needed. 

Chelsea was amazing! Her level of experience was second to none. Could not recommend her enough! 

even whilst managing a huge time zone difference (UK to Australia!) she was on the ball, prompt and so helpful. 

I love my new website and have had so much positive feedback already!

everything was really easy - even despite our time difference & she went above and beyond to help me achieve my desired result!

She fine tuned pieces of my site I didn't know existed & boosted our sales through her seo updates

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from design to launch in 1 week

4-8 week design, development & launch process

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SHowit template

Easy, breezy and so much fun with a sales page on top. This template is almost as delicious and one-of-a-kind as the famous Pastel de Belém.

SHowit template

As eye catching as the coast of South Africa with a photography portfolio to show off your best snaps. Come bring out your creative side.

SHowit template

An 8 page website template that comes Carrie Bradshaw approved and ready to cover all of your business needs.

Professional strategic design & 111% DIY approved with step-by-step tutorials to lead you through the entire process

template to fully launched, high-converting website in just a few days

Choose your favourite

I purchased one of chelsea's Showit Templates to redo my website and it suited my needs perfectly!

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Helping entrepreneurs find community and support while learning how to start, structure, & scale their online business.

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digital nomad by trade

The home of online entrepreneurs learning to start, structure, & scale their online business

I went from a university dropout to broke backpacker to financially free business owner without a fixed address. This is my freedom lifestyle, and now I help others create theirs with a kick-ass, strategic website for their business.

I'm ChelseA

AKA Traveller By Trade


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I'm ChelseA

University dropout to broke backpacker to financially free business owner without a fixed address. This is my freedom lifestyle, and now I help others create theirs.