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From a simple Instagram handle to a freedom aligned business dedicated to breaking the mold and creating a life of passion and adventure, Traveller By Trade has been built over the years, from different ends of the globe, by its founder and the ‘original’ Traveller By Trade, Chelsea Lynn. 

Welcome to the journey...

Traveller By Trade has since been built into a wealth of knowledge and services geared specifically for location independent businesses to grow an online presence and build their dream freedom lifestyle, whether that means travelling the world like a digital nomad or simply being able to roam with the family as you please.

From leaving her small town to walking the Camino De Santiago in Europe, surfing down an active volcano in Nicaragua, solo-travelling India and eventually finding her home base in Australia, Chelsea has been a wandering soul looking to experience as many people, places and things as she can. They say you should travel so far that you meet yourself, and thats exactly what she did.

This adventure seeker, loud mouth and freedom chaser has spent the better part of the last decade living out of backpacks, hostels and vans in search of something more. 




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“If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it,
it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real”
-Tony Robins 

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You have an amazing website highlighting all the best bits of your business, but now what

Website design or redesign & business mentorship package

Learn the strategy behind an authority demanding brand, the skills of organic marketing and have the knowledge to grow your business while being 111% unapologetically YOU in the process. 

Brand storytelling and building a successful, money making online presence goes so much further. 

Sound like you after working with your last designer? I know a ton of my past design clients were in this space - and I'm here to eliminate that feeling.

I'm ChelseA

AKA Traveller By Trade

Red wine drinking, tea & travel & tiny house obsessed business mentor & brand strategist here to help you build a money making online presence for your business, so you can take it around the world with you, wherever you may go.

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