A step-by-step DIY guide to lead you through crafting your dream brand kit with clarity and ease!

The Answer to your do-it-yourself prayers


You're either new to the entrepreneurial word, or your business is growing and you've come to realise that your initial branding isn't in alignment anymore. 

It's OK. We all start somewhere, and we all grow.

Re-visiting and re-branding is a sign of that growth, and the Branding Blueprint has been created to help no matter which stage of your journey you're on; just starting out, or getting ready to scale and grow. 

Starting a business is hard, and costs can add up, I get it because I’ve been there


The Branding Blueprint

A vital piece of the DIY puzzle that will help you in crafting the authority demanding, fully aligned, jaw dropping brand kit that your business deserves. 

A step-by-step guide of the exact flow the custom Traveller By Trade website design clients experience as we work together to build out their dream brand. 

& The Branding Blueprint is here to help make that possible 

Your website, social media accounts, email marketing, courses, deliverables, business cards, merch, and/or any digital or physical products all rely on branding.

Anything that has been created or produced by your business, needs to portray that it came from your business. 

branding is so much more then a collection of colours and a logo. It's a story of you and your business, and one that deserves to be told well.

How to brain dump all your ideas into a visual collection

Pinterest Board & Brainstorm

Establishing your brand voice + creating a word bank

voice & messaging

Learn the online tool that can help you create a palette in minutes from your core brand colour

colour profile & palette

Brand imagery tips & all the websites you need to find stock photos 

visual attributes

How many fonts you need, the purpose of each of them, and where to find them

typography & font selection

Importance, why we do this last, and some tricks to help you create your own

logo creation
A little peek into whats covered

Created to help you along every step of the way, and that means going back to the very  beginning. An added Ideal Client Avatar worksheet has been added to maximise clarity before starting to build the visuals of your brand

Free Bonus Worksheet
then the real fun begins..
Everything you need (& then some)

Ideal Client Avatar worksheet

Brand Voice worksheet

Step by step instructions & video tutorials

Industry best practice tips & trips

Mood board & brand kit templates

whats included?
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approx $20 USD
Branding blueprint

diy your brand -
diy your dream website

SHowit template

Easy, breezy and so much fun with a sales page on top. This template is almost as delicious and one-of-a-kind as the famous Pastel de Belém.

SHowit template

As eye catching as the coast of South Africa with a photography portfolio to show off your best snaps. Come bring out your creative side.

SHowit template

An 8 page website template that comes Carrie Bradshaw approved and ready to cover all of your business needs.

professional strategic design & step-by-step guidance

Website template to fully launched, high-converting website in just a few days

I'm ChelseA

University dropout to broke backpacker to financially free business owner without a fixed address. This is my freedom lifestyle, and now I help others create theirs.