The exact worksheets, spreadsheets, and tracking sheets used to build  Traveller By Trade into the 6-figure earning web design & organic strategy business it is today.

for those ready to structure & scale

business bundle

And the only thing that is going to get you there is by getting insanely clear on your income and the big bad finances soo many business owners are avoiding (or just flat out scared to confront!) 

Step one: Know where your money is coming from
Step two: Know where you money is going to
Step three: Plan accordingly 

so you're sick of playing small.
You want growth.
You want impact.
you want results.


The business bundle

From starting the Traveller By Trade  web design business while living in a 6-man tent in a hostel campground to smashing through the 6-figure income mark in the second year.

I've literally been where you are, and I've made it my goal to help anyone also on this journey reach their financial goals while creating the freedom lifestyle of their dreams.

xx Chels

You'll be getting the exact spreadsheets and tracker that have been used to build Traveller By Trade into a 6-figure business, and to coordinate the launch of a second sister brand, Digital Nomad By Trade 

with the business bundle you can organise and structure your way to success

ONE LITTLE INVESTMENT WITH SOME SERIOUSLY MASSIVE BENEFITS built by one ambitious entrepreneur, to help other ambitious entrepreneurs.

With the business bundle you'll be able to;

Colour coordinated, organised & ready to go from a hot lead to a scheduled project/client

track your incoming leads

Lead turn into a client? You can now add in quotes, timelines, assign to a team member, and make notes all in the same spreadsheet

track current project timelines

Gain an understanding of where most of your income is coming from based on each service and/or product, or by client

view specific client/service income

Track and plan for expected expenses, including your outsourcing team

view expenses + outsourcing costs

Plan for the entire financial year and take the guess work and last minute stress out of releasing new products, services or freebies 

plan your launches for each quarter

Life, business, heath, savings, holidays, anything and everything you've got your heart set on all down in one place and ready to be manifested

stay accountable with goals

Everything you need (& then some)

Incoming leads & current project tracking spreadsheet

Income & expenses spreadsheet with summary column

Quarterly product/service/freebie launch schedule 

Quarterly goal planning worksheet

Step by step tutorials on how to utilise everything 

whats included?
$ 55 AUD
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approx $40 USD

Business Bundle


SHowit template

Easy, breezy and so much fun with a sales page on top. This template is almost as delicious and one-of-a-kind as the famous Pastel de Belém.

SHowit template

As eye catching as the coast of South Africa with a photography portfolio to show off your best snaps. Come bring out your creative side.

SHowit template

An 8 page website template that comes Carrie Bradshaw approved and ready to cover all of your business needs.

professional strategic design & step-by-step guidance

Website template to fully launched, high-converting website in just a few days

I'm ChelseA

University dropout to broke backpacker to financially free business owner without a fixed address. This is my freedom lifestyle, and now I help others create theirs.