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I can offer absolutely nothing in terms of advice on fashion, skincare or makeup BUT if you’re into bumming it on the beach, taking vitamins, reading a ton of books and keen to know what programs I use to help me run my business then you’re in the right place.

Check out a few of my must-haves below, and maybe even snag a cheeky discount to try it out yourself.

Quick Disclosure: Some of these are affiliate links which means that when you purchase I may receive a small kick back commission. It doesn’t cost you any more, and it helps me validate the awesomeness of what I choose to share with you. Win-Win! 

Leggings for every adventure made easy. I've never been a fan of pants but these buttery soft leggings and bike shorts are my go to for any hike. 

Taking apple cider vinegar made easy. I've been plant based for nearly a decade and love my morning vitamins to keep my energy levels up!


Email marketing made easy. In the words of Jenna Kutcher 'don't build your business on borrowed land' which is why building an email list is KEY in any marketing strategy. FUN FACT: your email list is also (generally) your highest converting client touch point. Another reason for it to be one that you don't overlook.


Banking made easy and a hell of a lot more cheaper then with PayPal (a platform I will admit I am NOT a fan of.) Added bonus for the digital nomad/international client realm because they have the cheapest transfer rates and highest international currency conversion rates around - meaning more of your fee stays in your businesses pocket!

Design elements and templates made easy. Not only are you supporting other creatives and small business owners, you're also getting easy-to-customise templates for just about anything, custom fonts, stock photos (the list goes on) all at affordable prices. 

The platform we all know and love made even easier. Canva Pro is a must, even more so if you're not using Adobe programs. Customse Creative Market Templates, build out your own, save PNG transparent background files and get access to all of the photos, templates and elements in Canva. 

Get 15% off all ShowIt website templates

Because making friends as an adult is hard, and making friends when you work online can be even harder. With the SSI Membership and the Digital Nomad By Trade Facebook group you can meet and mingle with fellow online workers, or maybe even find your online niche to start working online. 


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