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By Traveller By Trade

I love all things thinking, dreaming and talking about work + travel. Emphasis on the talking. 

Why I started a blog over a podcast I'll never know, but honestly, one day I'll probably start a podcast too. 

I am wildly obsessed with what I do and the travel/adventure/minimalist/tiny home life that I get to live because of my online job.

The freedom lifestyle is one that I wake up to every morning and am eternally grateful for. 

Which is why I also love helping people on their way to defining 'freedom' in their life. 

We live in a beautiful digital age where you don't need to be a web designer or computer genius to work online. You follow your passion, you do your market research, you perfect your product or service, you create your brand and build an online presence, you market accordingly and you create your freedom life.

That middle bit after passion and before creating your freedom life is where I come in. Everyone in the world has a passion, my job is to help you share that with the world. 

The world is digital, and I'm here to help you talk back. From websites to social media strategy to brand imagery - Traveller By Trade Coaching and Courses were developed to help you define freedom and take on your dream lifestyle. 

Social support incubator

Monthly Mastermind

A group month long mastermind for anyone and everyone using social media in their business strategy.

In here we're all about setting goals and helping each other achieve those goals. From accountability and support, guest speakers, trainings and jumping head first into all things strategy, this is for those ready to GROW their online business. 

Dive deep, get connected and learn from your fellow online entrepreneur 

1:1 power hour

Strategy Sessions

Want to know how I built a 1.6 million viewer Pinterest page in just a few months?
Instagram engagement questions?
Need help with your website or SEO?
Email automation have you confused?
Looking to create freebies to offer your online community but don't know how to streamline the process?

1 hour - All The Questions - All the Problems Sovled

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Let me help you stay motivated, get automated & nail your organic growth strategy. 

What do you want to cover?
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fully custom

Social Accelerator

Built for the CFO (Chief Of Everything) online entrepreneur ready to learn how to harness the power of the digital world and create a high converting online presence. 

The FULLY custom, multi-platform, 1:1 course that teaches you how to: 
Create, Automate, Connect, Grow , Covert

Accepting Applicants!

1:1 coaching

Because your online business functions across a number of different online platforms and social channels, and it gets exhausting to stay consistent and show up across all of them.

But it doesn’t have to be.

The Social Accelerator coaching program teaches you how to to handle the demands of keeping up your online presence, by implementing automation and putting a successful digital strategy in place.

Oh, and did I mention it was with $0 AD spend.
We’re all about free publicity over here.

* Create Your Custom Package, 100% based on your needs & budget*
4-12 week options available

Every piece of content we create has the intention to connect to our audience, but we connect in different ways across every social platform.

organic growth strategies & digital nomad lifestyle freebies for the soul

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I'm ChelseA

AKA Traveller By Trade

Red wine drinking, tea & travel & tiny house obsessed digital junkie here to help you build an online presence for your biz, so you can take it around the world with you, wherever you may go.

Don't get lost...

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