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Email Capture landing page 01.


We're following Jenna Kutchers word of advice and not building our business on the borrowed land of social media - time to grow that email list & start making passive income sales!

As easy to customise as your ShowIt website, the email capture landing page is here to help you get your freebie download offers into the world with ease. 

design 01.

Create like, know, trust with your community by offering resource-packed freebies.

build your passive income 

keep landing page views on your website

reuse the same template for each freebie you offer

ipad graphic canva template

step-by-step tutorial to customise the landing page

Get 15% off all ShowIt website templates
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email capture landing page 01.

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Email Capture landing page 02.


this template comes in two different design styles                       

SHowit template

Easy, breezy and so much fun with a sales page on top. This template is almost as delicious and one-of-a-kind as the famous Pastel de Belém.

perfectly paired with a full website template

New York

SHowit template

An 8 page website template that comes Carrie Bradshaw approved and ready to cover all of your business needs.

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University dropout to broke backpacker to financially free business owner without a fixed address. This is my freedom lifestyle, and now I help others create theirs.